Sarah Garofalo holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis of Interior Architecture from Design Institute of San Diego. (CIDA accredited) She has long believed it’s the little things in life that matter. This lifelong passion for attention to detail carries through in her design work and allows her to create inspired moments through interior spaces. During her decade of Interior Design experience Sarah has designed hotels & casinos, commercial space and high end residential interiors. Having moved from San Diego to Montana in 2013 to start her family Sarah believes in a healthy balance of work and play. Passionate about family, the outdoors, animals & design Sarah keeps herself busy. Since she's lived in Bozeman Sarah's designed interiors for vacation homes/rentals, ranches, downtown condos and homes. Her passion for designing and transforming spaces using her artistic skills, and knowledge allow her to create beautiful yet functional spaces.


With Sarah, it’s simple: when clients call, she calls back. When there’s paperwork to fill out, she does so promptly. Sarah is more than a creative; she is a solid, business-oriented person who doesn’t get lost in the details. She is a communicator, and is entirely fluid in contractor-ese, so there is no room for misinterpretation in a contractor’s execution of a design. Clients trust her implicitly from day one to handle the many organizational complexities of a remodel, renovation, or new construction project.

Sarah’s expertise is in taking her clients’ unique ideas and needs and turning them into concrete plan that a contractor can actually work with — and that the client will love, too. She is a design guide, drawing from her client’s culture, passions and life experiences to create a space that does far more than meet functional requirements. Rather, the finished project is an expression of the client’s personality and deepest values. From the first meeting to the last, Sarah’s design process is every bit a collaborative effort to create her clients’ vision of their ideal space.



Possessing a unique grasp of both form and function, Sarah begins her design process by thinking about the interior architecture and how her clients will use their redesigned space. Storage, flow, and lighting requirements — all of these come first as Sarah sets the scope of the project, and considers the potential and limitations of the existing floor plans. In this way, working with Sarah is like engaging an architect, with a talented design eye that will help her clients fully embrace — and enjoy — the process.

When thinking about the over-all interior space, designers have to consider the human experience, and the way people really operate at work, at home, at play, and in public life. They become experts in the safety, function and physiological aspects of spaces as well as psychological responses to color and texture and, depending on the project, individual aesthetic preferences.

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Sarah Garofalo